Super Low-Profile all LED mini-bar with multiple patterns to choose from, including simulated revolving and random flash. Polycarbonate dome, painted steel base. Standard unit comes in 12V. Permanent Mount light with Dash Mount Pattern-Changing Button Features "TRL" and "AGP" Technology. Maximizes LED light output.


N/A Low Profile LED Micro-Mini Bar - CLEAR Outer Dome / AMBER LEDs - UPGRADED OPTICS, Dash Mount Pattern Changing Button

Operating Voltage

N/A 12

LED Color

N/A Amber

Dome Color

N/A Clear

Current Draw

N/A 7 A

Flash Pattern

N/A 6 User-Selectable

Length of unit

N/A 17.25 inches


N/A 2.75 inches


N/A 9.4 inches

Warranty- US Sales Only

N/A 5 years