The MMB Rotating Light Micro Mini-bars are 17.25" in width and include a polycarbonate outer dome and a powder painted steel base with rubber gasket. The MMBTRM-X rotating light mini-bars feature two 55 watt XENON bulbs (2000 Hours) in a highly polished reflector for a very efficient and attention getting warning light. The MMBTRM-X features 4 - 60 lb magnets and a 15' straight cord and cigarette lighter plug with a built in ON/OFF switch. Replace the last "X" in the part # with the dome color required, A-amber, R-red, B-blue, C-clear
Unit of Measure


Operating Voltage

N/A 12

Dome Color

N/A Amber

Rated Current

N/A 10 Amperes

Flashes per Minute (FPM)

N/A 270

Bulb Part #

N/A HA-77


N/A 17.25 inches


N/A 5.25 inches


N/A 9.4 inches


N/A Magnet Mount