The MMB Strobe Micro-mini bars are 17.25" in width and include a polycarbonate outer dome, inner fresnel lenses, and a powder painted metal base with rubber gasket. The MMB35M-X features 2 Microburst strobes in an alternating quad flash display. Replace the last "X" in the part # with the outer dome color required, A-amber, R-red, B-blue, C-clear. For clear outer dome and amber inner lenses see part # MMB35-C/A. For other combinations of colored lenses under a clear dome contact North American Signal Company.
Unit of Measure


Operating Voltage

N/A 12/24

Dome Color

N/A Amber Blue Clear Red

Rated Current

N/A 1.5 Amperes

Joule Rating - Output Energy

N/A 8.5 Joules

Lens Color

N/A Amber Blue Clear Green Red Violet


N/A 17.25 inches


N/A 5.25 inches


N/A 9.4 inches

Bulb Part #

N/A MB35-22M-C, MB35-22S-C


N/A Magnet Mount