The 700 & 750 lights feature single, double, and quad flash strobe displays. A black powder painted aluminum base is standard with an optional flange style base available. An anodized aluminum base is also available and indicated by adding "SP" to the part number. The 700 lights feature a rugged helix strobe bulb with excellent vibration resistance. The 750 lights feature a linear bulb for superior light output to front and rear at less cost. All 700 & 750 lights are available with a 6" lens for greater light output and a higher profile. The magnet mount versions include a 90 lb pull magnet and a 15' coiled cord and cigarette lighter plug with a built in ON/OFF switch. The pipe mount versions include a 7" round plate with a 3/4" threaded hole.
Unit of Measure


Lens Color

N/A Amber Blue Clear Green Red

Operating Voltage

N/A 12/24

Rated Current

N/A 3.8 Amperes

Flashes per Minute (FPM)

N/A 75 QF

Light Output

N/A 950 candelas/second

Joule Rating - Output Energy

N/A 17 Joules


N/A 3/4" Pipe Mount


N/A 6 inches


N/A 7.75 inches

Bulb Part #

N/A L7-77