The M1 Series uses a stainless steel base and band with a fresnel lens to create very durable and attractive strobe lights. The "C" version of this series adds a dust cover for easy care and extra protection from pollution, salt water, and UV damage.
Unit of Measure


Lens Color

N/A Amber Blue Clear Green Red

Operating Voltage

N/A 12/24

Rated Current

N/A 1.5 Amperes

Flashes per Minute (FPM)

N/A 75 DF

Light Output

N/A 375 candelas/second

Joule Rating - Output Energy

N/A 12 Joules


N/A Magnet Mount


N/A 5.75 inches


N/A 7.75 inches

Bulb Part #

N/A ST-77


N/A M1