• All New LED4500-X includes 4 extremely powerful LEDs, state-of-the-art driving technology and cutting-edge optics to produce the brightest surface-mount LED lamp on the market.
  • 8 User-Selectable Flash-Patterns TWO UNITS CAN BE SYNCHRONIZED TOGETHER
  • Available in Single Colors: Amber, White, Red, Blue or Green. Two-color units also available
  • Meets SAE Class 1 requirements
  • Works with all LED4400 Brackets
Unit of Measure


Operating Voltage

N/A 12/24 V

LED Color

N/A Amber Blue Red Green White Dual Color

Note for LED Color

N/A For Dual-Color Units please indicate color preference in "Instructions/Comments" section of checkout.


N/A 1.25 inches


N/A 3/8 inches


N/A 4.5 inches

Rated Current

N/A 0.5 Ampere Maximum at 12.8 V

Warranty- US Sales Only

N/A 5 years